Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bonjour from Maui

Bonjour, peeps. Last night I spent some time on my craft desk and slowly finding some inspiration trickling in. Slowly. I often find myself just start doing a bunch of fussy cutting when I don't feel like I have a mojo. And, that's exactly what I did last night.

The cutting allow my mind to just chill and wonder and allow my mojo to sneaking back in. One of the card that I made is this one using the super cute tea cup from Becky Oehler's You Say Goodbye I Say' Ello set. And that background is my favorite of the moment. :)

BTW, this set comes in both clear and rubber stamp. And matching cut file. 

Now, as I promised, I am back with more vacation pictures. We spent 2 nights in Honolulu and spent the rest of our vacation time in Maui. I love the laid back atmosphere of Maui and its gorgeous scenic view.

Of course, being in Hawai'i, we have to see the luau. And I was so proud of myself when I was able to catch this fire dance. Love it!

The fire dance at the luau.

Then after a night at the luau, we spent the next day snorkling at the famous Molokini crater. Hubby took this pic.

Snorkling at the Molokini crater.

From Molokini we cruise by to Turtle town and to my delight we were able to watch quite a few turtle swim by. I have soft spot for animals and turtle is one of them. To watch them in their own habitat is amazing. It did get annoying though when some people wouldn't listen to the warning not to swim too close or not to touch them. Haven't they know they could just zoom in with their camera??

We were lucky to see several turtles swimming close by us.

The next day we went up to the Haleakala summit. Hubby loves it whenever we get to go somewhere high above sea level. This one the summit is about 10,000 feet above sea level. LOL, originally hubby thought of watching sunrise there, which mean we have to leave around 4 in the morning. Let just say the alarm went off and I simply ask, "Later?" and the answer that I expected came out. Yep... we didn't make it for the sunrise trip.

On the way up to Haleakala Summit. Such a gorgeous view!

And, I am glad we did the trip during the day as otherwise we would have missed the many gorgeous view along the way. The variations of blue of the sky and the ocean combine with the green of the mountain are simply breathtaking. And the unique landscape of Haleakala is pretty stunning to see.

At the amazing Haleakala Summit with my mom.

Also, in the past couple years I've been into taking jumping pic during vacation. Of course, when I saw this amazing spot, I had to do one. I called this careful jumping as this rocky hill simply drop to rocky pile, so I had to make sure I land on the same safe spot. :) 

One of my favorite pic from the vacation. :)

Hope you enjoy the pics. I know many of you come here for card, but I hope you also enjoy seeing some pictures. :)

Thank you all for stopping by here and have a blessed day.


chillin with Quillin said...

cute card, and the pics are awesome, thanks for sharing them!!!!

Virginia L. said...

Fun card and cute photos!! Love your jumping photo from the hills---awesome shot!Thanks for sharing, Vera!

Susan F. said...

I love the card! You and your hubby look so sweet together. You mom is beautiful. I'm so glad the three of you were able to take this special trip together.

Alice said...

such a cute and sweet card! and wow! love the beautiful photos from your vacation! amazing view indeed! thanks so much for sharing! =)


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