Friday, November 30, 2012

Penguin Snowglobe

Yikes... it's the end of the month already! I am so behind on so many things. Between works and Caring Hearts Card Drive, I am spread thin. I haven't even start on our own family Christmas card. And, I guess as card maker, I feel guilty if I buy ready made cards. Do you feel that way?

Anyway, the card drive will end soon. I know quite a few just mailed out their card this week and no worries, I'll wait for your cards. I am amazed and humbled by everyone's support for the card drive. Chapel Card Makers group sent 120 cards!! And quite a few individuals generously sent in 40 to 65 cards each. And a couple get their kids involve and my friend from Sweden Karin Akesdotter had her students joined the effort and their messages are so sweet & touching.

I wish I can send thank you note to everyone! Please know how much I appreciated your support, generosity, and kindness. When I started this 3 years ago, I wasn't even sure if I will received a response. And our crafty community showed me that I should have more faith. As we're reaching 1200 cards (which I am sure we'll passed soon), I am filled with so much gratitude. Thank you. 

Now, let me share another card I made for the card drive. This one using the latest set from Avocado Arts called Smitten With You. PS: in case you don't know, today's the last day for free shipping on any order over $30 from Avocado Arts.

Now, who wouldn't love a penguin and snow globe? I love both and collect them both. I am crazy about penguin. In fact on my last trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium with my mom, I ended up with this cute li'l fella. Yes, I am one those people that still collect stuff animal even though I am on my 30s. It's love at first sight. With his pom-pom beanies I know he has to come home with me the moment I saw him.

                                                         Photo: This right now makes me smile. :)

With this cuteness, I am sending you over to my team mates. Check out what they have created using this new set.


Anonymous said...

Great story about your collection Vera. I love Penguins too! Super cute card. Thanks so much for sharing!

Judy1223 said...

Sweet card and sweet penguin, Vera!
Don't sweat your own cards, it will all fall together. You are spending your valuable time on such a worthy cause, I have no doubt good will come your way!

Kelly said...

totally adorable!

Crafty Math Chick said...

This is very sweet! And no worries - I have trouble resisting elephants! ;)

The Paper Parade said...

Awww, that penguin snowglobe is simply darling! What a great response for the card drive...I feel the same way about buying cards since I make them!

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

Such a super sweet card!!! LOVE it!
My students will be even more excited when I tell them you mentioned them here (-:
Thanks Vera for everything you do, big hugs, Karin

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