Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paper Diet

This past weekend, I was so thrilled to have my creative mojo back. I feel like I've been in the slump for the longest time and I wasn't even sure if I even want to try to submit anything for the latest submission call. Anyway, as I am forcing myself to sit and actually create, slowly that excitement coming back and I ended up making 16 projects from Saturday to Monday.

Of course after that my room looks like a tornado went through it. So, yesterday I started the cleaning process. My mind can only take so much messiness before it gets irritated. ;) 

Cleaning for me is also therapeutic. Like they say clean space reflect clean or peaceful mind. Well, my mind was peaceful until I start organizing my papers. Oh word... I actually feel a bit disgusted with myself at the amount of papers that I have. Granted my stash is not anything like those you've seen in the magazine and for many crafters what I have is not a lot, but it's a lot to my standard.

So, I am determine that for the next 6 months I am on paper diet. No purchasing new paper or cardstock. And to use more of my papers and cardstocks! I tend to use only white cardstock, so that will have to change.

Okay, enough rambling. I have this woodland Santa card to share using the gnome Jerome from Paper Smooches. The cute hanging stocking are from Avocado Arts.

I love how the bright colors stand against the white. Now, I get to start working on our family Christmas cards. Yep, I am behind. As usual. :) Have a fabulous day crafty peeps!


chillin with Quillin said...

the card is sooo adorable, love it, good luck on not buying more paper,lol

Lalo said...

I've been on that diet, but with everything crafty...stamps, papers, dies! I like the saying too "clean space reflect clean or peaceful mind" AWESOME! I should print that out for my kids :) Okay now the card is lovely. Love the combination of all the stamp companies.

Karin Ã…kesdotter said...

Wonderful card! I've tried that diet, but wasn't very successful...

Alyce said...

too cute!! Love the image :)

Susan F. said...

The card is so cute Vera.

Alice Wertz said...

adorable card, Vera! i think i should go on a paper diet, too... i have a shameful amount of 6x6 pads... =)


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