Friday, March 14, 2014

Trust Me, You Can Dance

Happy Friday everyone! As much as I love making sweet & cute card, now & then I do love it when I get a chance to make funny cards.
I recently joining Riley & Company design team and let me tell you, browsing through their store is fun!! Because not only they have the cute Riley the moose stamp, but they have tons of funny sentiment stamps as well.
I guarantee you, you will find yourself chuckling and laughing as you check out their sentiment sets. Here's my card today using one of the sentiment.
I think this quote from Vodka could apply to some of us? ;) Hah.... Click HERE and it will take you straight to the funny section! They also have thoughtful sentiment. This one called "I Believe In Pink" is one of my favorite nice sentiment.
How about this for a funny one?

 Or this?

If you want to have more laugh, go straight on to the STORE and brighten your Friday with some funny! Enjoy your Friday!


Shelly said...

HA! Too funny! Love your card! And the quotes just made me smile! ;) Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend, Vera!

Stephanie said...

Ha Ha on the sentiment!

MiamiKel said...

Awesome cards! Each one of the FunnyBones has me howling!

Monica taylor said...

Fun card! Monica

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