Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fun Get Together

You know what I love about this card making hobby? Plenty. From the many fabulous stamp sets to the pretty papers to the satisfaction of creating something. But, what I absolutely love is the friends I met through it.

Seriously, I'd have missed on so many good friends if I haven't been involve in card making. One of those friend is Tiffany Johnson, who I absolutely adore. She's down to earth, laid back, open, thoughtful, simply put my kind of gal. And, the kind of friend who'd rive 6 hours just to hangout with me! I love this girl.

We spent Thursday evening just catching up and Friday morning we started our day with a trip to JoAnn. Latisha Yoast supposed to come and join us, but couldn't make it, so, for fun we decided to surprise her with a flat Latisha and she accompany us on our CKC adventure. :)

Flat Tisha joining us for a ride to JoAnn. 

I got such a kick when I saw that when I try to tag Tiffany on my FB pic, the suggestion that came up were my mom's name, my name and my brother's name. Apparently FB think we look alike and so does her kids! A couple time they mistaken my pic as hers. That's how we end up calling each other twinsie. :)                            
After shopping at JoAnn we went for brunch and then off to CKC Houston where we did some shopping and met up with the girls from Reverse Confetti! They're so fun to hang out with. I am so thrilled to finally meet them. They're all so sweet & nice.

Stacey Schafer, Jennifer del Muro, Tiffany, me & Amy Kolling.

After the convention, we all went out for dinner and hanged out. I love that they all dog lovers like me. Hah... We exchanged dog story and just chat, chat, chat. It truly was a fabulous day. LOL, Tiffany and I were pretty much crashed by the time we got back home.

We already planning for our next get together! :)

What?? You're looking for card? Yes, I have that, too. :) I didn't forget. Today marks the new challenge from Riley & Company. This time the challenge is to create outdoor/summer sport card. Well, when I made my card, I didn't get the sport part, I just thought we have to make summery card. But, then again, juggling is kind of a sport, right?

I love how happy and cheerful this card looks. Don't you agree that this card has such a happy look? I think this would make a perfect birthday card for any kids. Will you join us for the challenge? You can enter the challenge HERE.

Well, that's it for me for now. Thank you for swinging by here.

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