Friday, January 7, 2011

ADFD Challenge & Some Pics

Happy Friday everyone! And, it's a new release day at A Day For Daisies!!! The new images will be up in the store later today in the Just Picked section of the shop and we have an exciting new challenge HERE. A new year and a clean slate, lets give our cards a fresh coat of paint! Get away from last years colored pencils and markers and dip our brushes into wet, fabulous, paint! Try something new!  The challenge begins January 7 and ends January 20, 2011. Here's  my card using one of the ballerina from the newly release set. As usual, the new releases are on sale for $2 this Friday only.

I used acrylic paint to color the dots on the bottom panel. Just used the tip of my stylus and dip it on the paint and touched it to the dots. And, here a look at all  the new releases for this week. Don't they look gorgeous? A Day For Daisies has many gorgeous, dainty, and whimsical images. Go check them out.

Slowly, I am adjusting back to US time. Not easy. This morning I was wide awake at 2.30am till around 4am. Then went back to sleep for a bit more. I called my mom last night and I already miss her so much. Even though my mom lives with my brother & my SIL, she does get lonely during the day as both of my brother and his wife work. So wish I could spend more time there.

Speaking about Indonesia, I am not done with my trip journal. I didn't get a chance to work on the pictures, but I managed to copy some pics from my facebook that my SIL posted. This time it's about food. In my opinion, Indonesian food are some of the best food, because they have such rich, delicious flavor. Indonesia is famous for its spices variation. Did you know that the reason back in the day the Dutch took us over was because of our land richness of spices?

Anyhoo... I totally spoiled myself the whole time I was there. My brothers totally spoiling me by taking  me to all these awesome reastaurant and I got to eat all my heart desires. Which is spicy Indonesian food. Here's some pics. This first one is a yummy crab cooked inside a banana leaves. There are a lot of food being cooked this way. No aluminium foil needed. :)

Here's a pic from my mom's birthday dinner. Typical Indonesian food, you have rice and then you have several dishes to go along with it. There's fried fish with sweet & sour sauce, spicy tofu, soft crab, mango chicken, etc. I actually have lots of good food pictures, and will post them as soon as I have a chance to sort through the tons of pics that I have.  :)

Remember, yesterday I showed youpic of my SIL and I making cookies? This is the result. Yummmiiee. I was pretty good and save 1 box to take back home.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow with new challenges from Wee Memories and more pictures hopefully!! Have a great Friday!


Barb said...

What a lovely image that is, Vera! Beautiful card! And it sure does look like you ate well while back home! TFS!

Alice Wertz said...

your card is so beautiful! love the simple design. and i am drooling over your food photos!! i love seeing them, i guess i miss the food in Taiwan and every time people posts food from their own countries it always makes me want to try them. =) thanks for sharing, Vera!

walchowDesign said...

Looks like you had a whale of time back home with your family in Jakarta! Hmm! All the food looks very delicious and very familiar to me as well. I just spent Christmas in Malaysia and Singapore as well!


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